Angel of peace of St-Faustin-Lac-Carré – 36×42 Mixed Media on Wood.Yanik Falardeau – Avoxtar – Gratitude 16X20 Private CollectionIntentions 16×20 Mixed Media on Canvas – available for purchase

Stand Strong

No matter how positive you are. No matter how focused you are on your dream or your goals, no matter how much love you place into what you do, doubters will always appear in your life. Negative voices that will mock you and your dreams or tell you you’ve got rose colored glasses on, or […]

Do the work

? I’ve decided I’m going to live the life of my dreams and I have a long list of things that need to get done every day: Letting go of fear, Connecting with source, Getting into alignment, Allowing, Finding co-creators, Being joyful… not to mention the work that the material world requires from me like […]

Patience, it’s a process

A few months ago, I purchased some gorgeous recycled silk sari thread that supports a women’s coop in India. I had been dreaming of making beautiful necklaces with these for quite some time. I was so thrilled to receive the package that I made a few necklaces right away. Then I stored my new treasure […]

Blog Hop – YAY!

Many thanks to the talented and lovely Scarlit Bloome who asked me to participate in my first blog hop. I’m not very disciplined about blogging on a regular basis as my social media presence is taking up much of my spare time, but I’m happy to answer these questions: 1. What are you working on? 2. How […]